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HR Policy & Open positions

Today, we have access to scientific and data-driven HR Management and people management practices. To support robust HR processes, advanced HR Management has been introduced. HRIS systems form the basis of our HR management. 

Today’s HR Information systems support most HR processes and eliminate the need for double entry. A highly advanced HR organization adopts the HR Model, which places the HR Business Partner in the center. In addition to supporting the efficient work of HR Specialists, modern HR technology also contributes to effective HR Management. It is largely based on technologies, and it does not consider the drawbacks of our personalities. As well, finding a solution for HRIS that meets all our requirements is a challenge. Diversity in Human Resources will drive the future of the field.

HR Management always begins with the HR Strategy, which is tightly linked to the business strategy. In addition, the HR Strategy should be integral to the overall business plan. It is the responsibility of the top management to own the HR Strategy; the HR Director leads the design and development of the strategy. The most difficult part of designing a modern HR strategy is figuring out how to do it. It is a gap that needs to be filled as HR Management develops in the future.

As part of advanced HR Management, the following HR priorities, processes, and procedures are implemented:

  • Equal opportunity and diversity in the workplace;
  • Design of Organizations;
  • Employee engagement;
  • A Change Management approach;
  • Work-life balance and flexible working time;
  • Development of leadership skills and career planning;
  • Adherence to social media; 
  • Benchmarking HR data and HR benchmarks;
  • Management of Human Resources;
  • MIS for Human Resources.

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